Guard Hook Sweep Open Guard Sasae Tsurikomi Scissor Spider Guard Sweeps

Understanding Open Guard

Everything You Need to Know About BJJ Open Guard & 4 Open Guard Sweeps.

John Danaher explains every detail of open guard and teaches 4 sweeps from open guard.

  • 6:51 hook sweep// sumi gaeshi
  • 11:12 Basic scissor sweep
  • 12:52 Spider guard sweep
  • 15:13 Sasae tsurikomi from butterfly

Watching John Danaher always shows me how much I don’t know. There’s so many fine details to each large movement. I take a sleeve grip, John takes a sleeve grip then twists the sleeve under the jacket creating a line of tension up the sleeve massively increasing the control. John ability to explain a move, why it works and all of the fine details required to make it work against a skilled opponent is unparalleled in the world of online instructional Jiu Jitsu videos.

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