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The Hydraulic Escape From Mount

Step by Step Instructions for the Hydraulic Escape from Mount.

The hydraulic escape is a two part escape. First the lift, and then the escape.

Time needed: 1 minute

How to do a Hydraulic Escape

  1. Set up

    From under mount, get your opponent to your hips. Elbows in at your sides blocking their knees from coming up into high mount.

  2. Bring their hands to the mat

    Bend both knees with your feet flat on the floor. One foot in the centre, knee to their butt. One foot outside their legs. Bridge with the outside leg and at the same time give their butt a hard nudge with the thigh of your central leg. This will send their weight forward and their hands to the matt. Your elbows blocking the legs will keep them at your hips.

  3. The lift

    Keeping your elbows on the ground, tight against your body, place your hands on their hips. Place the heel of each hand under their hip bones, fingers and thumbs pointing up. Then bridge hard with both legs. And as you bridge, extend your arms straight up as hard as you can. Locking your arms out straight, with your opponents hips above your shoulders.

    They should have their hands on the mat and their legs dangling in the air. Straight arms ensures your frame is carrying the weight. Bent arms will waste your energy. So make sure you lock the arms out at the top of the hydraulic lift.

  4. The Escape

    Bring your legs up, so that the tops of your feet are to his butt. Shoot one arm through his legs, and then circle it around the outside of his knee. Grab the front of his thigh with a friction grip. Now rotate your body 90 degrees. The side of your head is now against their shin, on the trapped the leg.

    Take your front side leg and place it back between their legs. Use your foot to hook their free leg just above the knee. Now use this hook to pull their leg forward. At the same time bring your other foot forward. Hook the front of the leg just below the groin. You’re now in X guard. Laying on your back, right arm trapping their left leg. Your legs bent, one knee pointing forward, the other pointing back. Feet hooking the leg from front and back, controlling their leg by pulling your legs in opposite directions.

    From here you can start to attack.

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