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The High Elbow Guillotine

Learn the 3 Key Points to the High Elbow Guillotine.

John Danaher explains the 3 key battles you need to win to pull off an effective high elbow guillotine. First win the battle for distance creating space to pull off the choke. Then you must focus on winning the battle for hand position. Get your locked hands between your opponent’s shoulder and his neck. Finally there’s a battle for head position. Taking your head to the opposite side allows you to raise your choking elbow high. Preventing your opponent getting their arm over yours. Finish the choke by bring your knee up to meet your elbow, and securing them with a foot across the back.

These details are gold. So if you’ve ever gassed out trying to finish a guillotine, this video will give you the knowledge you need to replace strength with technique.

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