Chokes Gogoplata Submissions

The Gogoplata From Closed Guard

Gogoplata & Locoplata Variation from Guard.

From a closed guard position use your grips and your legs to break your opponents posture, pulling them forward. Take a collar grip with one hand and an overhook with the other. From there you open your guard putting your far leg on your opponent’s hip and your other leg across their back. Once they’re secured in this position, bring your top leg from their back, & place your shin across their throat. If they turn away switch to an Omoplata. If they turn towards you the Gogoplata is on. release your overhook and use that arm to reach across behind their head. Grabbing the ball of your foot. Then with your other hand  push up on your heel. Your arm holding the foot secures their head; while you’re shin crushes the front of their throat. It’s an air choke so on a stubborn opponent it will take a while to put them to sleep, but most people will tap from the discomfort. (It fucking hurts).

The Locoplata is really just a small variation. If your opponent uses their hand to pull you foot away preventing you from grabbing it. Use your free hand to fight their hand. This allows you to grab the toe. Now you no longer have a free hand but you can take your foot off the hip and use it to push the other heel up affecting the choke.


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