Control Mount

Maintaining Mount in BJJ

Roger Gracie Explains Concepts For Keeping The Mount. We’ve struggled to get to mount only to be swept immediately. Roger Gracie explains how to control your opponent and maintain mount position, hen move to a high mount so you can start to attack.

Closed Guard Guard

Roger Gracie Teaches The Best Closed Guard in The World

Build An Unbreakable Closed Guard The learn to be comfortable from bottom position by developing a powerful closed guard with these tips from Roger Gracie. Break anyone’s posture. Understanding the Closed Guard From the Attackers Perspective How Space Affects Defenders Attacks From Closed Guard How Defenders Open Closed Guard / When to Pull Down as […]

Armbars Submissions

Closed Guard Armbar Finish Details

These Details Will Help You Get It Done With The Armlock From Closed Guard. The Legendary Roger Gracie takes you through the fine details of armbar from closed guard. Securinging the arm Breaking the posture Controlling the shoulder Positioning the elbow Raising the hips. Apply these tips to your closed guard armbar and your opponents […]