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Surprise You’re In a North South Choke

The Perfect North South Choke Set Up & A Backup Armbar. Jiu Jitsu Legend Marcelo Garcia teaches his set up for the north south choke. How to drive the hands away leaving you space to surprise them. Suddenly shifting from fighting their hands at their waist to encircling their neck and applying the choke. Great […]

Escapes Side Control Escapes

Escaping Side Control With Marcelo Garcia

How to escape from Side Mount when your opponent is well balanced & not over committed. Escaping from side mount under a skilled opponent may require more than a simple bridge and hip escape (shrimp). These are advanced escapes for specific situations where other escapes won’t work.

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North South Control, North South Choke, and a Arm Bar

Establish Control then Attack From North South Position. Marcelo Garcia explains how and where to push and apply your weight to establish crushing North South Control. Then surprise your opponent with a North South Choke, or an Arm Bar. North South Choke is a highly effective choke in both gi and no gi competition. So […]

Half Guard Passes Passing Submissions Triangle

Half Guard Pass to Triangle from Marcelo Garcia

See How Marcelo Garcia Passes Half Guard & Attacks With a Triangle Widely considered to be one of the best to ever do it. Marcelo Garcia takes us through the half guard pass to triangle choke combo that helped him win the ADCC World Championship in 2011.  Before Marcelo even starts to pass he first […]