Knee Shield Passes

6 Ways to Pass The Knee Shield

Innovative Techniques to Clear the Knees & Pass Knee Shield. Lachlan Giles explains 6 great methods to pass even the most stubborn knee shield. Never get frustrated again, take control of your opponents legs and clear their knees for a clean pass.

Half Guard Passes Lockdown Escapes Passing

Escape the Lockdown

How to Escape The Lockdown Without Damaging Your ACL. Three excellent techniques for safely escaping from the lockdown and passing half guard.  

Heel Hook Leg Locks

How To Do An Inside Heel Hook In BJJ

Learn to Safely Practice The Inside Heel Hook. No one is going to die from an inside heel hook. But this submission has probably caused more long term serious injuries than any other. If you are drilling this at home with your brother make sure you understand how quickly the damage is done. There’s no […]

Anaconda Back Choke Chokes Guillotine Submissions

3 BJJ Chokes That Everybody Should Know

Back Choke, Arm in Guillotine, & Anaconda. Lachlan Giles chokes Bernardo 3 different ways; Back Choke Arm in Guillotine Anaconda Choke Great details on each choke to make it tighter, prevent escapes, and protect the choking hand. When a legend like Bernardo Faria is saying “wow that’s a great detail, I’ve not seen that before” […]