Stand Up Takedowns Throws

The Best Throws & Takedowns for Jiu Jitsu

And some you shouldn’t do. John Danaher gives his very educated thoughts on which takedowns are effective in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. He also covers a few that he doesn’t recommend as well. And gives great demonstration of why they may not be the best idea. Mid way through the video he gives an […]

Hook Sweep Sweeps

What to Do With Your Legs in a Hook Sweep

Perfect your Hook Sweep With These Simple Tips. John Danaher explains the role of each leg in a hooking sweep. The power is in the bottom leg not the lifting/hooking leg. Great solo drill and a drill with a partner where you pause at the top, forcing you to use technique and not momentum to […]

Chokes Guillotine Submissions

The High Elbow Guillotine

Learn the 3 Key Points to the High Elbow Guillotine. John Danaher explains the 3 key battles you need to win to pull off an effective high elbow guillotine. First win the battle for distance creating space to pull off the choke. Then you must focus on winning the battle for hand position. Get your […]

Heel Hook

Outside Heel Hook

John Danahers Outside Heel Hook Master Class. While John Danaher didn’t invent leg locks he has certainly perfected their use in competition BJJ. Building an amazing system that has brought huge success to his squad. Watching this video will improve your understanding of how heel hocks work and give you the details to stay in […]

Escapes Mount Escapes

How To Do The Perfect BJJ Mount Escape

John Danaher Explains Mount Escape Fundamentals It’s not easy to escape mount. You should avoid being mounted. In the unfortunate case that it happens, it’s the little details that make mount escape work. Knowing how to ‘power shrimp’ how to place the hands and position the body. John Danaher is the oracle of all BJJ […]

Escapes Side Control Escapes

How To Do The Perfect BJJ Side Control Escape

Knee & Elbow Escape from Short Base Side Control John Danaher explains the mechanics of side control so you first understand how side control works (wedges not weight, spine at 90 degrees). Then he teaches you how get inside those wedges forming a knee and elbow frame, creating space then shifting position so your spines […]

Guard Hook Sweep Open Guard Sasae Tsurikomi Scissor Spider Guard Sweeps

Understanding Open Guard

Everything You Need to Know About BJJ Open Guard & 4 Open Guard Sweeps. John Danaher explains every detail of open guard and teaches 4 sweeps from open guard. 6:51 hook sweep// sumi gaeshi 11:12 Basic scissor sweep 12:52 Spider guard sweep 15:13 Sasae tsurikomi from butterfly Watching John Danaher always shows me how much […]

Half Guard Passes Passing

How to Do The Perfect Jiu Jitsu Half Guard Pass

Half Guard Pass Variations John Danaher explains how to pass a strong half guard in incredible detail with several variations. 7:25 Crossface pass to 3/4 mount when underhooked 10:05 3/4 mount crossface pass 12:15 Crossface pass to 3/4 mount repeat 14:25 Back up to failed 3/4 mount pass 19:05 Crossface lateral movement importance

Passing Standing Guard Passes

5 Tips to Pass Any Guard by John Danaher

John Danahers Tips for Passing Any Guard Legendary BJJ coach John Danaher and 5x World Champion Bernardo Faria run through 5 tips to pass any guard. 1) 1:00 Posture and base. 2) 7:10 Break their points of connection. 3) 12:10 Distance management. 4) 19:56 Gain advantage in a neutral position. 5) 25:06 Shut down the hips when consolidating. Use these […]

Closed Guard Guard

How To Build The Perfect BJJ Closed Guard Game by John Danaher

BJJ Closed Guard Tutorial John Danaher explains the finer points of closed guard to 5x world champion Bernardo Faria. This video has great information for players of all levels. Changing your mindset from seeing closed guard as a safe place to rest, seeing it instead as a platform from which to attack your opponent. John […]