Arm Locks Armbars Submissions

Learn to Do a Flying Armbar

Firas Zahabi Teaches You How To Safely Learn The Flying Armbar. Firas teaches two variations of the flying armbar. The first involves jumping to a closed guard like position with one shin under your opponents armpit. Then your other leg goes up over your training partners head to complete the armbar. The second version mimics […]

Chokes Guillotine Submissions

Mastering The Guillotine

Don’t Rely on Brute Force to Finish Your Guillotine. Firas Zahabi and Karel Pravec discuss every detail of the Guillotine choke, including many great variations. Fantastic details on how to use body position and angles rather than strength to finish the choke. Great information on realising when you are not going to get the finish, […]

Foot Lock Escapes

Escape Ashi Garami

Foot lock escape details. Legendary MMA coach Firas Zahabi gives a really short but clear and useful explanation of how to escape Ashi Garami foot lock.