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Surprising Triangle Choke from Closed Guard

Fake The Hip Bump & Switch. Giancarlo Bodoni walks you through how to do a surprise Triangle Choke from Closed Guard using the hip bump as a set up. Start by getting hands to the ground, then take a cross lapel grip. Take note of the detail about not grabbing to much material. It will […]

Closed Guard Passes Passing Standing Guard Passes

Gordon Ryan Explains His Guard Passing System

Float Over Closed Guard Like Gordon Ryan No Gi BJJ master Gordon Ryan explains his guard passing system to Bernardo Faria (and to you). Learn to chain passing attempts together and flow logically from one guard pass to another depending on your opponent’s response. Gordon introduces the idea of leg pomelling. A new concept for […]

Closed Guard Guard

Understanding the Closed Guard for No Gi Jiu Jitsu

No Gi Closed Guard Tutorial Gordon Ryan is one of the most dominate No Gi grapplers competing today. Trained by master coach John Danaher, his closed guard is rock solid. Here he shows how you can build a strong closed guard in No Gi Jiu Jitsu without any lapels or sleeves to grip. Gordon explains […]

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How To Do The Perfect Armbar From Mount

Improve your Armbar Technique. Legendary BJJ coach John Danaher talks you through how to do the perfect Juji Gatame (armbar) from mount. The video covers;  Getting to Juji Gatame; Ratchet method 3:06  Trap arm 4:52  S Mount controls shoulder 5:13 Ear to thigh 5:48  Review of these steps 6:14. Extending the arm in Juji Gatame; […]

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How To Do The Perfect Kimura From Side Control by John Danaher

Learn to Finish the Kimura from Side Control. Kimura from side control can be difficult to finish; even for an advanced Jiu Jitsu player. John Danaher explains the fine points that will help perfect the technique and help you get the submission, even against a larger skilled opponent.The key here is what you do after […]