Mobility Work for BJJ

Increase your range of motion with these Jiu Jitsu specific dynamic stretches before and after rolling and improve your ankle, hip and shoulder mobility. Reducing the chance of injury during BJJ.

Stand Up Takedowns Throws

The Best Throws & Takedowns for Jiu Jitsu

And some you shouldn’t do. John Danaher gives his very educated thoughts on which takedowns are effective in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. He also covers a few that he doesn’t recommend as well. And gives great demonstration of why they may not be the best idea. Mid way through the video he gives an […]


The Omoplata From Closed Guard

Bernardo Faria’s Favorite Submission From Closed Guard. Bernardo Faria takes you through his prefered set up for the Omoplata from closed guard. Break your opponents posture and then take an overhook. Open your guard and turn on your side bringing your leg across their back. At this point you should have their shoulder sandwiched between […]

Arm Locks Armbars Control Side Control Submissions

Armbar from Side Control

Demian Maia’s Tips for Improving Your Armbar From Side Control. UFC Legend Demian Maia shows an excellent tweek to the standard armbar from side control. Driving his weight forward & pinning his opponents arm and hip as he comes around from side control to take the armbar. This prevents even the most explosive athletes from […]

Chokes Guillotine Submissions

The High Elbow Guillotine

Learn the 3 Key Points to the High Elbow Guillotine. John Danaher explains the 3 key battles you need to win to pull off an effective high elbow guillotine. First win the battle for distance creating space to pull off the choke. Then you must focus on winning the battle for hand position. Get your […]

Single Leg Stand Up Takedowns

Mastering the Single Leg Takedown in BJJ

High Percentage Entry & Single Leg Takedown. 6 time world champion Andre Galvao takes you through his high percentage set up and entry to the single leg. This entry and takedown will work on players of any level.

Heel Hook Leg Locks

How to do a Heel Hook in Jiu Jitsu

Why would you ignore 50% of the body? Dean Lister is credited with popularising leg locks in Jiu Jitsu. He famously influenced John Danaher with a simple question. Why would you ignore 50% of the body? Here Dean explains how to lock in a devastating heel hook.

Toe Hold

The Dreaded Toe Hold

Dean Lister Teaches The Inescapable Toe Hold BJJ meets catch wrestling as Dean Lister explains the finer points of Toe Holds. Great details like; Don’t grip with your thumb (think Kimura grip), Control one of your opponents legs with both of your legs, Don’t let them sit up in the set up When Bernardo says […]

Guard Hook Sweep Open Guard Sasae Tsurikomi Scissor Spider Guard Sweeps

Understanding Open Guard

Everything You Need to Know About BJJ Open Guard & 4 Open Guard Sweeps. John Danaher explains every detail of open guard and teaches 4 sweeps from open guard. 6:51 hook sweep// sumi gaeshi 11:12 Basic scissor sweep 12:52 Spider guard sweep 15:13 Sasae tsurikomi from butterfly Watching John Danaher always shows me how much […]

Anaconda Back Choke Chokes Guillotine Submissions

3 BJJ Chokes That Everybody Should Know

Back Choke, Arm in Guillotine, & Anaconda. Lachlan Giles chokes Bernardo 3 different ways; Back Choke Arm in Guillotine Anaconda Choke Great details on each choke to make it tighter, prevent escapes, and protect the choking hand. When a legend like Bernardo Faria is saying “wow that’s a great detail, I’ve not seen that before” […]