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Surprising Triangle Choke from Closed Guard

Fake The Hip Bump & Switch.

Giancarlo Bodoni walks you through how to do a surprise Triangle Choke from Closed Guard using the hip bump as a set up.

Start by getting hands to the ground, then take a cross lapel grip. Take note of the detail about not grabbing to much material. It will save your fingers and allow you to maintain the grip way longer. Open the collar when taking the grip, dont pull it until you have a deep grip at the back near the tag.

Once you have broken their posture and taken a collar grip your opponent will try to posture up. Follow them and go for a hip bump , but maintain your collar grip. As soon as he posts his arm to prevent the hip bump open your guard and put your leg over the shoulder of his posted arm. Pull him down with the collar while crossing your ankles and then grab his head with your free hand. Pull the head before releasing the lapel (collar). Now raise your hips and pull his trapped arm to the far side. Then pull him down again trapping his arm against your body. 

Grab the shin and pull your choking leg parallel with the floor. At the same time put your other foot on his hip. Once you are firmly holding the shin use it to pull his head down. This allows you to release his head with your other hand. Post it on your knee, making a frame with your arm against his knee and your foot against his hip. Use the frame to shuffle your shoulders back, pulling your opponent’s weight past his hips. You’ll put him in a weak position, making it almost impossible to posture up. From here simply remove your foot from the hip and curl your knee over your ankle then squeeze to finish the Triangle.

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