Anaconda Chokes Submissions

Slowly Squeeze The Fight Out Of Your Opponent With an Anaconda Choke

How to Do An Anaconda Choke.

Usually performed after you’ve sprawled on someone trying to shoot a double leg, or on someone escaping knee ride to turtle. Anytime they are on their knees and you have your chest on the back of their neck the Anaconda Choke is available. If they have their arms outstretched reaching for your legs that’s even better. Reaching between their arm and neck with on hand, under their body to grab your arm on the far side. Use this grip to pull their elbow in then switch your bottom hand up to your bicep and put your outside hand on their back, safely out of reach. Tuck your head and roll on the side you’ve trapped the arm (so they can’t post). Then bring your hips in so your torso is under their head and squeeze with your body and arms together until they tap.

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