Chokes Spider Guard Sweeps Submissions Sweeps Triangle

Scissor Sweep From Spider Guard to Triangle Choke

Hit this Scissor Sweep from Spider Guard. If they post Triangle Choke them.

Starting from spider guard. On your back. With a sleeve grip (your right hand on your opponent’s left hand). Your right foot pushing into your opponent’s left bicep (just above the elbow). Your left arm gripping their right sleeve. Lasso their right arm by putting your left leg over the arm then back under the armpit (without releasing the sleeve grip). Use the foot of your left leg as a hook on their upper back.

Then keeping shin pressure against their side, shift you hips and bring your left foot down. Breaking their posture and bending them forward. Switch your left hand from the sleeve grip to a collar grip. This gives you control of their posture. Pulling down with your left arm fully extend your right leg. This will be unpleasant for your opponent. It creates a lot of pressure on the bicep. Most opponents will drop to their right knee at this stage and look to use their left knee to break your sleeve grip. Once they are on their knee you no longer need your left leg to control them. Take this free leg and swing it back towards your head. Then pivoting on to your left hip push up hard with your right foot in the bicep (this makes your opponent light) as you simultaneously swing your left leg through in a scissor sweep.

Sweep or Choke

One of two things will happen at this point. Either you will get the scissor sweep and can move to top position. Or if they are quick, they’ll post their right arm. Avoiding being swept. But in position for your Triangle.

As soon as they post use your left leg to reverse shrimp. pulling your hips towards them. Switch you hips back to a level position, and the shoot your right leg over their shoulder locking the ankle under your left knee for the Triangle. Push the trapped arm across to the opposite side and pull the head as your squeeze to finish the choke.

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