Heel Hook

Outside Heel Hook

John Danahers Outside Heel Hook Master Class.

While John Danaher didn’t invent leg locks he has certainly perfected their use in competition BJJ. Building an amazing system that has brought huge success to his squad. Watching this video will improve your understanding of how heel hocks work and give you the details to stay in control and get the finish.

John also covers the three ways people can escape from a heel hook and how to counter them. This is tremendously useful in learning how to defend the heel hook as well as how to apply it. If you know what is important to your opponent in each step and work to prevent it you’ll improve your chances of escape.

Once you have the basic movements smooth and instinctive then the focus is on pulling them towards you with your heels so your hips remain as close as possible to your opponent’s. This is the key to truly mastering the heel hook, it’s similar to getting hip penetration on your armbar.

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