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Breakdown of Omoplata in UFC

Rener Gracie and UFC star Bryan Ortega breakdown the second successful omoplata in UFC history. Heavyweight Adam Wieczorek defeats Arjan Bhullar with omoplata from guard.

The boys not only cover how to apply the omoplata, but also what to do to escape the omoplata should you get caught in a similar situation. To escape the key is, do not go belly down. In the beginning the key to escaping is to allow your arm to go limp and twist it free. When you resist with a stiff arm it only makes things worse. If you can’t get your arm free immediately go for the cross body jump escape. If that fails, then roll forwards to escape.

When you’re the one applying the Omoplata, keep their arm bent back towards their body. If they get is partially straight, don’t let them get it to the ground where they can escape. Slide your top knee in towards their head, bending their elbow, and preventing the escape.

The video finishes with an excellent omoplata circuit drill.

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