Mobility Work for BJJ

Increase your range of motion with these Jiu Jitsu specific dynamic stretches before and after rolling and improve your ankle, hip and shoulder mobility. Reducing the chance of injury during BJJ.

Increase Your Range of Motion

James Tomlinson takes Bernardo Faria through the best warm up and cool down routines to improve hip and shoulder range of motion.

Hip Mobility

The pre rolling MWOD starts with a modified pigeon position. Rather than holding the position in a deep stretch it is dynamic. Pushing into the position then easing back, pushing in and easing away for 10 repetitions on each side with a 10 second hold at full stretch on the last rep.

Ankle Mobility

Next up are cossacks. Stand with your legs wide apart. About double your shoulder width. Then keeping your heels on the ground bend one knee and keep the other leg straight. Do not lift your heel on the bent leg. When you’re approaching the bottom lift your toes on the other foot and rotate it so your toes are pointing up and away from your body. Alternate sides for a total of 20 reps (10 each side). This will improve your ankle mobility.

Shoulder Mobility

Next up sideline rotations. Lay on your left side. Knees bent at 90 degrees. Place your left hand on your right knee. Now take your right hand and make a fist. Using the knuckle of your index finger on your right hand draw circle on the ground. Start near your knees and go back over your head and hopefully around to your back. Some of you wont make it. If you can’t make it just go as far as you can then back off and go as far as you can again. A little further each rep for 10 reps. If you can make it just do 10 reps. There’s a modification in the video if you’re already mobile enough this is easy for you.

After rolling warm down.

Kneeling Wall Stretch

Starting with your knee on the ground in a lunge position. Front leg bent 90 degrees with your foot on the floor.. Back leg knee on the floor, heel to bum and toes touching the wall at bum height. If you’re already flexible, then point your toes and bring your knee back, pushing the top of your foot against the wall. From either of these positions tighten your abs. Straighten up, so your torso is straight up and down, not bending forwards. Keep your back straight. Squeeze your glutes and tilt your hips back. do 10 reps of the glute squeeze and hip tilt. holding the last one for 10 seconds. Repeat each side. Remember activating the glues is what allows the hip flexor to release. This is a great stretch for anyone who sits down all day.

Scorpion Stretch

Lay flat on your belly. one hand in push up position. Extend one arm sideways at 90 degrees. Palm to the floor. Then rotate it up about 15 degrees so that it is slightly above your shoulder level. Chest should be flat on the floor. look towards the push up arm side, keeping the side of your face to the mat. From this position take the leg on the push up arm side and rotate it backwards as far as you can with a straight leg, then bend your knee a little and take it further. While you are doing this use the push up arm to push hard into the floor this forces the chest and opposite shoulder flat to the floor, increasing the stretch. Repeat the leg rotation 10 times. Each time pushing further. Make sure your outstretched arm stays at 15 degrees above the shoulder and chest and shoulder to the floor. Repeat for both sides.

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