Kneebar Leg Locks

Kneebar Submission

Watch as Dean Lister Kneebars a Holocaust Survivor.

Dean Lister teaches the perfect kneebar technique.

Key points;

  • Grab the toes to stop them twisting out.
  • DO NOT go for a toe hold (from kneebar).
  • Go for the lower leg if you can

Many people teach you to go for the toe hold in the kneebar. Dean is adamant you’ll just end up with a weak kneebar, and a weak toe hold. It might finish a white belt, but anyone who’s any good will roll out of it. Your toe hold is just helping them to turn escaping the knee bar. Instead, Dean says to simply grab the toes with an opposing thumb and fingers grip. Use his foot to stop him from twisting his leg in either direction. This prevents his two main escape routes.

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