Kimura Submissions

Kimura From Closed Guard For White Belts (Small Details To Improve Success)

Learn to do a Kimura from Closed Guard

The kimura from closed guard is one of the first submissions you learn in BJJ, and one of the most effective in MMA. This video gives you the small details that will make the move more successful during training and competitions.

Once you open your guard, don’t try and sit straight up. Do a small hip escape and shift your weight onto your side. This makes you much harder to push back down.

Once you have the Kimura watch for space around the elbow of your top arm. If you have long arms you’ll need to tuck the elbows in at this point to take away and slack.

Be sure to go thumbless on the grip of the opponent’s wrist. It’ll save your grip and stop your thumb getting hurt if you end up rolling.

Once the grip is secure switch the hips and put your leg over their back. Hip out and apply the Kimura with your whole body..

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