Kimura Submissions

Is the Kimura an effective technique in MMA?

Top Kimura Finishes in UFC History

The Kimura is one of the most effective BJJ techniques in MMA. Because of this many top level fights have been finished with a Kimura. Here’s some of the best from the UFC.

You’ll love Joe Rogan’s excitement as Frank Mir taps out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira from side control.

Notice the body control and perfect technique from Khabib, Michael Johnson never looks like escaping.

Nick Diaz Kimura is similar. It starts in side control, then there is a battle for position. Similar to the first two examples, the Kimura is only finished when Nick moves from side control to more of a North South position, and gets one leg over behind their opponent’s head, dramatically increasing their leverage.

Joe Lauzon’s Kimura is very different. He starts from a messy position standing over his opponent striking, grabs the Kimura, goes to standing, then jumps to guard to finish a really tight Kimura.

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