Closed Guard Guard Open Guard

How To Stop Your Guard Getting Passed

Transitioning from Closed Guard to Open Guard

Sometimes your closed guard will get opened up. Learn how and when to transition to open guard and frustrate Jiu Jitsu players of all levels. The biggest single tip for stopping your guard from being passed is to maintain 4 points of contact with your opponent. Ideally both arms and both legs. The more space and freedom you allow them the easier it is for them to pass.

Use heavy legs and retreat with a shoulder crawl to prevent the double under pass.

If your legs a pushed to one side cross your outside leg across the opponent’s body. Try to always have one leg either side, even if that means crossing over with your legs.

Learn to combine head deflection with movement. Deflecting the head one way and hip escaping the other is more effective than just hip escaping or just deflecting the head.

Use stiff arms as a frame while you retreat with your hips. Don’t try to hold them off for ever – keep moving.

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