Armbars Mount Submissions

How To Do The Perfect Armbar From Mount

Improve your Armbar Technique.

Legendary BJJ coach John Danaher talks you through how to do the perfect Juji Gatame (armbar) from mount. The video covers;

 Getting to Juji Gatame;

  • Ratchet method 3:06 
  • Trap arm 4:52 
  • S Mount controls shoulder 5:13
  • Ear to thigh 5:48 
  • Review of these steps 6:14.

Extending the arm in Juji Gatame;

  • Positional Control at JG 7:00 
  • Separating the Arms Setup grips 7:39 
  • Separate S or Gable 8:21 and Figure4 8:32 
  • Prevent Escape 9:05 
  • Half Hand Grip to push/pull Break 9:54
  • Armbar Steps: 11:00 review / overview / breakdown 

These tips are far beyond the basic armbar from mount which is great against an untrained opponent. This is a tutorial on how to armbar a strongly resisting black belt from mount. If you get this down it will be very difficult for anyone to stop. The ratchet method is a perfect demonstration of technique overcoming strength. You use your whole body to move their arm. Then use your arm to consolidate the gains. Before using your body to move it further. Repeating the process, to do something you may not be strong enough to achieve otherwise.

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