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How to Do an Ezekiel Choke

Learn how to do an Ezekiel Choke from mount position with Rafael Lovato Jr.

The Ezekiel (Sleeve) Choke is an Excellent First Attack From Mount.

Time needed: 1 minute

How to do an Ezekiel Choke.

  1. When to try it.

    From mount position, when an opponent is blocking your hips and has their hands low.

  2. Secure the head.

    Drive forward with your body and secure their head with one arm under their neck.

  3. Block the arm.

    With your other arm drop the elbow to the mat tight against their shoulder. This blocks their arm, preventing them defending the choke.

  4. Grab your Sleeve.

    With your bottom arm take a 4 finger grip on the sleeve of your other arm. Make sure to keep blocking their arm with your elbow while you do this.

  5. The Can Opener

    Work your top hand in under their chin, across the throat. Using the thumb side of your hand as a can opener wedging it in then twisting to lift the chin. Repeat until your wrist is under their chin.

  6. Slide the choke into place.

    Next slide both arms to the side, so that the sleeve you are gripping is hard against the side of their neck. Ready to choke.

  7. Position your body

    Keeping your knee tight against their body on your low arm side, flare your ankle and shift your weight to this side. Getting your spine out of parallel.

  8. Tighten the Ezekiel Choke

    Posture up with your weight over your butt. Straightening and extending your arms, until your opponent taps out.

How does an Ezekiel Choke work?

The motion is like a pair of scissors. Your sleeve grip is the bolt holding the blades together. As you posture up and straighten your elbows your wrists come together the the blades of a pair of scissors, choking your opponent.

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