Half Guard Passes Passing Submissions Triangle

Half Guard Pass to Triangle from Marcelo Garcia

See How Marcelo Garcia Passes Half Guard & Attacks With a Triangle

Widely considered to be one of the best to ever do it. Marcelo Garcia takes us through the half guard pass to triangle choke combo that helped him win the ADCC World Championship in 2011. 

Before Marcelo even starts to pass he first tights up the most suffocating top position you’ll ever see from half guard. It’s usually a 50/50 position, but the way Marcelo does it, he’s definitely in the dominant position. He explains you’ll have to walk your way up the body and work hard to get that position. Then you can begin to pass.

How Marcelo Garcia passes half guard.

Starting from the dominant half guard described above. First bring your shin up onto their hooking leg. Then Marcelo uses his whole body to push. Keeping the head trapped, he stands up on the shin. Before violently straightening his body without releasing the gable grip around the head and arm an inch.

This breaks the half guard and you should get through to mount.

Transition from half guard pass into a triangle from mount.

If you’re opponent gets their arm inside your knee at this point squeeze in tight with your knees and arms, stay low, and consolidate the mount. Keeping your hips low and your gable grip tight inch your hips towards their head. Stay as low as possible. Once your knees are up to the shoulder pull then up as you come up to lunge position with one knee on the ground and the other bent 90 degrees with you foot at their head. Take that foot under the back of their neck. Then roll forward towards side of the choking wrap the knee around the ankle and you have a triangle from mount.

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