Half Guard Passes Kimura Passing Submissions

Half Guard Pass to Kimura

Turn Defence into Attack

Why settle for simply passing half guard when you can grab a sneaky kimura as well? Tom breaks it down in an easy to understand video.


How to use a Kimura to pass half guard.

Start by bring your free leg in close to his cutting out his space to move. And changing the angle, getting your spines out of alignment. Now when you opponent sits up reaching for the underhook wrap your close arm over his trapping the upper arm, them use your hip to drive his shoulders to the mat.

Once he’s on his back use your other hand to grab the wrist. Don’t be tempted to go for the Kimura from here. Be patient. Keep holding his wrist, and use your other hand over the top to secure the grip.

If he opens his legs to bridge at this point then move to side control. If not, keep you grip on the wrist with both hands. Try and use your elbow to push his leg down and free your knee. As soon as the knee is free, point your toes and drive the knee straight up to the ceiling. Thus freeing your leg and moving to half guard. Because you have the arm your body will be on it’s side across your opponents. And your top leg should be bent at 90 degrees (engine up). This prevents them from rolling you over and gives you the base you need to push off. Violently drive their elbow to the floor, and take your prefered Kimura grip. Tom favours a jar grip, but most will use a more traditional fingers over the wrist Kimura grip (with no thumb). Step your north leg (the one closest to their head) out past their head, and push off it to slowly effect the Kimura.

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