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No Gi Ezekiel Choke Breakdown

Yes it is possible to do a Ezekiel Choke no gi. Rener, Ryron & Vince Vaughn Celebrate the UFC’s first Ezekiel Choke with a Gracie Breakdown.

After Aleksei Oleinik epic Ezekiel Choke from UNDER mount, the boys celebrate with an Ezekiel Choke breakdown. Teaching you how to do it with and without the use of a sleeve. From mount, from inside the guard, and from bottom position. The Ezekiel Choke is one of the only chokes effective from inside the guard.

There is an excellent explanation of why Aleksei chose to allow himself to be mounted to help sink the choke in place. It’s not practical to Ezekiel choke someone from under side control. Allowing them to move to mount brings your spines parallel which opens up the neck so you can get your fist in.

The boys also discuss and demonstrate two escapes if someone has an Ezekiel Choke locked in on you while you are in mount. If you’re on the bottom then good luck.

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