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Helicopter Armbar & Helicopter Triangle

Breakdown of the Helicopter Armbar & a bonus Helicopter Triangle. Ryron and Rener Gracie breakdown the helicopter armbar to celebrate the first? application of this technique in a televised MMA fight. How to do the helicopter armbar A lot needs to happen to get a helicopter armbar. First up your opponent needs to be standing […]

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Scissor Sweep From Spider Guard to Triangle Choke

Hit this Scissor Sweep from Spider Guard. If they post Triangle Choke them. Starting from spider guard. On your back. With a sleeve grip (your right hand on your opponent’s left hand). Your right foot pushing into your opponent’s left bicep (just above the elbow). Your left arm gripping their right sleeve. Lasso their right […]

Chokes Closed Guard Guard Submissions Triangle

Surprising Triangle Choke from Closed Guard

Fake The Hip Bump & Switch. Giancarlo Bodoni walks you through how to do a surprise Triangle Choke from Closed Guard using the hip bump as a set up. Start by getting hands to the ground, then take a cross lapel grip. Take note of the detail about not grabbing to much material. It will […]

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Half Guard Pass to Triangle from Marcelo Garcia

See How Marcelo Garcia Passes Half Guard & Attacks With a Triangle Widely considered to be one of the best to ever do it. Marcelo Garcia takes us through the half guard pass to triangle choke combo that helped him win the ADCC World Championship in 2011.  Before Marcelo even starts to pass he first […]