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Slowly Squeeze The Fight Out Of Your Opponent With an Anaconda Choke

How to Do An Anaconda Choke. Usually performed after you’ve sprawled on someone trying to shoot a double leg, or on someone escaping knee ride to turtle. Anytime they are on their knees and you have your chest on the back of their neck the Anaconda Choke is available. If they have their arms outstretched […]

Anaconda Back Choke Chokes Guillotine Submissions

3 BJJ Chokes That Everybody Should Know

Back Choke, Arm in Guillotine, & Anaconda. Lachlan Giles chokes Bernardo 3 different ways; Back Choke Arm in Guillotine Anaconda Choke Great details on each choke to make it tighter, prevent escapes, and protect the choking hand. When a legend like Bernardo Faria is saying “wow that’s a great detail, I’ve not seen that before” […]