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Helicopter Armbar & Helicopter Triangle

Breakdown of the Helicopter Armbar & a bonus Helicopter Triangle. Ryron and Rener Gracie breakdown the helicopter armbar to celebrate the first? application of this technique in a televised MMA fight. How to do the helicopter armbar A lot needs to happen to get a helicopter armbar. First up your opponent needs to be standing […]

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Scissor Sweep From Spider Guard to Triangle Choke

Hit this Scissor Sweep from Spider Guard. If they post Triangle Choke them. Starting from spider guard. On your back. With a sleeve grip (your right hand on your opponent’s left hand). Your right foot pushing into your opponent’s left bicep (just above the elbow). Your left arm gripping their right sleeve. Lasso their right […]

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How to Do an Ezekiel Choke

Learn how to do an Ezekiel Choke from mount position with Rafael Lovato Jr.

Chokes Ezekiel Choke Submissions

No Gi Ezekiel Choke Breakdown

Yes it is possible to do a Ezekiel Choke no gi. Rener, Ryron & Vince Vaughn Celebrate the UFC’s first Ezekiel Choke with a Gracie Breakdown. After Aleksei Oleinik epic Ezekiel Choke from UNDER mount, the boys celebrate with an Ezekiel Choke breakdown. Teaching you how to do it with and without the use of […]

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Surprise You’re In a North South Choke

The Perfect North South Choke Set Up & A Backup Armbar. Jiu Jitsu Legend Marcelo Garcia teaches his set up for the north south choke. How to drive the hands away leaving you space to surprise them. Suddenly shifting from fighting their hands at their waist to encircling their neck and applying the choke. Great […]

Anaconda Chokes Submissions

Slowly Squeeze The Fight Out Of Your Opponent With an Anaconda Choke

How to Do An Anaconda Choke. Usually performed after you’ve sprawled on someone trying to shoot a double leg, or on someone escaping knee ride to turtle. Anytime they are on their knees and you have your chest on the back of their neck the Anaconda Choke is available. If they have their arms outstretched […]

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The Gogoplata From Closed Guard

Gogoplata & Locoplata Variation from Guard. From a closed guard position use your grips and your legs to break your opponents posture, pulling them forward. Take a collar grip with one hand and an overhook with the other. From there you open your guard putting your far leg on your opponent’s hip and your other […]

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The High Elbow Guillotine

Learn the 3 Key Points to the High Elbow Guillotine. John Danaher explains the 3 key battles you need to win to pull off an effective high elbow guillotine. First win the battle for distance creating space to pull off the choke. Then you must focus on winning the battle for hand position. Get your […]

Chokes Guillotine Submissions

Mastering The Guillotine

Don’t Rely on Brute Force to Finish Your Guillotine. Firas Zahabi and Karel Pravec discuss every detail of the Guillotine choke, including many great variations. Fantastic details on how to use body position and angles rather than strength to finish the choke. Great information on realising when you are not going to get the finish, […]

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North South Control, North South Choke, and a Arm Bar

Establish Control then Attack From North South Position. Marcelo Garcia explains how and where to push and apply your weight to establish crushing North South Control. Then surprise your opponent with a North South Choke, or an Arm Bar. North South Choke is a highly effective choke in both gi and no gi competition. So […]