Americana Arm Locks Submissions

Americana (Ude Garami)

Knight Jiu Jitsu have an Americana for every situation. Americanas from mount, from side control, from North South. Americanas with one arm Americanas with no arms (hint you use your legs). Honestly after watching this video I’m scared to bend my arm at all when rolling. This dude could lock in an Americana with his […]

Americana Kimura Submissions

49 Kimura and Americana Attacks in Less Than 6 Min – Jason Scully BJJ Grappling

Lots of Kimura & Americana Variations Become a threat from almost any position with more Kimura and Americana variations than you knew existed in less than 6 minutes. This is a great video if you’re one or two years into Jiu Jitsu, you know the basic Kimura but haven’t yet discovered the many places you […]