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Submissions From Mount

The Ultimate Position Before Submission Keenan Cornelius shows a string of possible submissions from the mount. Many opponents when mounted will try to escape with a hip bump. When they bump and you place your hands on the mat it’s common for them to grab around your back. Trap one arm with your elbow and […]

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Helicopter Armbar & Helicopter Triangle

Breakdown of the Helicopter Armbar & a bonus Helicopter Triangle. Ryron and Rener Gracie breakdown the helicopter armbar to celebrate the first? application of this technique in a televised MMA fight. How to do the helicopter armbar A lot needs to happen to get a helicopter armbar. First up your opponent needs to be standing […]

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Omoplata Application & Escapes

Breakdown of Omoplata in UFC Rener Gracie and UFC star Bryan Ortega breakdown the second successful omoplata in UFC history. Heavyweight Adam Wieczorek defeats Arjan Bhullar with omoplata from guard. The boys not only cover how to apply the omoplata, but also what to do to escape the omoplata should you get caught in a […]

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Surprise You’re In a North South Choke

The Perfect North South Choke Set Up & A Backup Armbar. Jiu Jitsu Legend Marcelo Garcia teaches his set up for the north south choke. How to drive the hands away leaving you space to surprise them. Suddenly shifting from fighting their hands at their waist to encircling their neck and applying the choke. Great […]

Arm Locks Omoplata Submissions

Omoplata From Side Control (Top)

Rafael Mendes Devastating Omoplata From Top Side Control. Rafael Mendes shows off his Omoplata from top side control. This video has heaps of great details. And the sequence starts from a very achievable position. So this submission is on offer pretty much anytime you have side control locked in. The small details like how to […]


The Omoplata From Closed Guard

Bernardo Faria’s Favorite Submission From Closed Guard. Bernardo Faria takes you through his prefered set up for the Omoplata from closed guard. Break your opponents posture and then take an overhook. Open your guard and turn on your side bringing your leg across their back. At this point you should have their shoulder sandwiched between […]

Americana Arm Locks Submissions

Americana (Ude Garami)

Knight Jiu Jitsu have an Americana for every situation. Americanas from mount, from side control, from North South. Americanas with one arm Americanas with no arms (hint you use your legs). Honestly after watching this video I’m scared to bend my arm at all when rolling. This dude could lock in an Americana with his […]

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3 Hook Sweep Variations

3 Variations on The Hook Sweep Including a Straight Armbar. Steve Campbell first explains how to do a classic hook sweep. If your opponent manages to post an arm stopping the sweep. Then Steve teaches how to transition smoothly into a straight armbar. Should your opponent be aware of the threat of the armbar and […]

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Learn to Do a Flying Armbar

Firas Zahabi Teaches You How To Safely Learn The Flying Armbar. Firas teaches two variations of the flying armbar. The first involves jumping to a closed guard like position with one shin under your opponents armpit. Then your other leg goes up over your training partners head to complete the armbar. The second version mimics […]

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Armbar from Side Control

Demian Maia’s Tips for Improving Your Armbar From Side Control. UFC Legend Demian Maia shows an excellent tweek to the standard armbar from side control. Driving his weight forward & pinning his opponents arm and hip as he comes around from side control to take the armbar. This prevents even the most explosive athletes from […]