Double Leg Single Leg Stand Up Takedowns

Arm Drag Techniques

5 Great Stand Up Techniques That Start From a Simple Arm Drag Knight Jiu Jitsu start you off with some simple drills to get used to the basic motion of the arm drag. Then it’s straight into an Arm Drag to Standing Rear Naked Choke. The choke uses a gable grip instead of the usual […]

Stand Up Takedowns Throws

The Best Throws & Takedowns for Jiu Jitsu

And some you shouldn’t do. John Danaher gives his very educated thoughts on which takedowns are effective in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. He also covers a few that he doesn’t recommend as well. And gives great demonstration of why they may not be the best idea. Mid way through the video he gives an […]

Single Leg Stand Up Takedowns

Mastering the Single Leg Takedown in BJJ

High Percentage Entry & Single Leg Takedown. 6 time world champion Andre Galvao takes you through his high percentage set up and entry to the single leg. This entry and takedown will work on players of any level.

Double Leg Stand Up Takedowns

BJJ Double Leg Takedown

Blast Your Opponent with a Strong Double Leg. A wrestling staple; the double leg is now an essential tool in all forms of no Gi Grappling, Jiu Jitsu included. Here we see a simple set up, gauging the distance and shifting your opponents weight with the knee tap. The clearing the arm the driving through […]