Closed Guard Passes Passing Standing Guard Passes

Gordon Ryan Explains His Guard Passing System

Float Over Closed Guard Like Gordon Ryan No Gi BJJ master Gordon Ryan explains his guard passing system to Bernardo Faria (and to you). Learn to chain passing attempts together and flow logically from one guard pass to another depending on your opponent’s response. Gordon introduces the idea of leg pomelling. A new concept for […]

Passing Standing Guard Passes

5 Tips to Pass Any Guard by John Danaher

John Danahers Tips for Passing Any Guard Legendary BJJ coach John Danaher and 5x World Champion Bernardo Faria run through 5 tips to pass any guard. 1) 1:00 Posture and base. 2) 7:10 Break their points of connection. 3) 12:10 Distance management. 4) 19:56 Gain advantage in a neutral position. 5) 25:06 Shut down the hips when consolidating. Use these […]