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BJJ Open Guard

Open Guard Concepts Use a collar grip to break the posture of the standing attacker. Keep a straight leg on your opponents hip to control the distance, and learn to make circling motions with the other foot to get it to your opponents bicep. Once you’ve established this strong open guard you can start to […]

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Understanding Open Guard

Everything You Need to Know About BJJ Open Guard & 4 Open Guard Sweeps. John Danaher explains every detail of open guard and teaches 4 sweeps from open guard. 6:51 hook sweep// sumi gaeshi 11:12 Basic scissor sweep 12:52 Spider guard sweep 15:13 Sasae tsurikomi from butterfly Watching John Danaher always shows me how much […]

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How To Stop Your Guard Getting Passed

Transitioning from Closed Guard to Open Guard Sometimes your closed guard will get opened up. Learn how and when to transition to open guard and frustrate Jiu Jitsu players of all levels. The biggest single tip for stopping your guard from being passed is to maintain 4 points of contact with your opponent. Ideally both […]