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Armbar from Side Control

Demian Maia’s Tips for Improving Your Armbar From Side Control. UFC Legend Demian Maia shows an excellent tweek to the standard armbar from side control. Driving his weight forward & pinning his opponents arm and hip as he comes around from side control to take the armbar. This prevents even the most explosive athletes from […]

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Annoying Trick to Maintain Side Control

Keenan Cornelius Side Control Trick. A simple but incredibly effective technique to make your side control almost impossible to escape from. Reaching underneath your opponent with your south hand, grabbing the tail of their Gi and pulling it back under their body towards you. This is incredibly frustrating for the person on the bottom and […]

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How To Do The Perfect Kimura From Side Control by John Danaher

Learn to Finish the Kimura from Side Control. Kimura from side control can be difficult to finish; even for an advanced Jiu Jitsu player. John Danaher explains the fine points that will help perfect the technique and help you get the submission, even against a larger skilled opponent.The key here is what you do after […]