Control Kimura Mount

Submissions From Mount

The Ultimate Position Before Submission Keenan Cornelius shows a string of possible submissions from the mount. Many opponents when mounted will try to escape with a hip bump. When they bump and you place your hands on the mat it’s common for them to grab around your back. Trap one arm with your elbow and […]

Chokes Ezekiel Choke Mount Submissions

How to Do an Ezekiel Choke

Learn how to do an Ezekiel Choke from mount position with Rafael Lovato Jr.

Control Mount

Maintaining Mount in BJJ

Roger Gracie Explains Concepts For Keeping The Mount. We’ve struggled to get to mount only to be swept immediately. Roger Gracie explains how to control your opponent and maintain mount position, hen move to a high mount so you can start to attack.

Armbars Mount Submissions

How To Do The Perfect Armbar From Mount

Improve your Armbar Technique. Legendary BJJ coach John Danaher talks you through how to do the perfect Juji Gatame (armbar) from mount. The video covers;  Getting to Juji Gatame; Ratchet method 3:06  Trap arm 4:52  S Mount controls shoulder 5:13 Ear to thigh 5:48  Review of these steps 6:14. Extending the arm in Juji Gatame; […]