Closed Guard Passes Passing

Basic Double Under Guard Pass

Pass Closed Guard with the Double Under Pass

Keenan Cornelius teaches the basic yet effective double under pass. The perfect pass for anyone new to Jiu Jitsu but also an effective technique for players of any level.

Keenan must be the most frustrating person to roll with as in this video and all of his others there are little tips on positions where you are exprending very little energy and your partner is using a lot. In the double under that point is where you have their leg on your shoulder and you are diving with your legs. They will either fight you by pushing with their arms, which may prevent you from passing temporarily but it is wasting a lot of their energy and almost none of yours. So relax and let them do it. Unless you’re in a hurry it’s actually better than getting an easy pass. If you stay patient, stick to your technique, the pass will come.

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