Chokes Ezekiel Choke Submissions

No Gi Ezekiel Choke Breakdown

Yes it is possible to do a Ezekiel Choke no gi. Rener, Ryron & Vince Vaughn Celebrate the UFC’s first Ezekiel Choke with a Gracie Breakdown. After Aleksei Oleinik epic Ezekiel Choke from UNDER mount, the boys celebrate with an Ezekiel Choke breakdown. Teaching you how to do it with and without the use of […]

Stand Up Takedowns Throws

The Best Throws & Takedowns for Jiu Jitsu

And some you shouldn’t do. John Danaher gives his very educated thoughts on which takedowns are effective in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. He also covers a few that he doesn’t recommend as well. And gives great demonstration of why they may not be the best idea. Mid way through the video he gives an […]

Armbars Chokes North South Choke Submissions

Surprise You’re In a North South Choke

The Perfect North South Choke Set Up & A Backup Armbar. Jiu Jitsu Legend Marcelo Garcia teaches his set up for the north south choke. How to drive the hands away leaving you space to surprise them. Suddenly shifting from fighting their hands at their waist to encircling their neck and applying the choke. Great […]

Anaconda Chokes Submissions

Slowly Squeeze The Fight Out Of Your Opponent With an Anaconda Choke

How to Do An Anaconda Choke. Usually performed after you’ve sprawled on someone trying to shoot a double leg, or on someone escaping knee ride to turtle. Anytime they are on their knees and you have your chest on the back of their neck the Anaconda Choke is available. If they have their arms outstretched […]

Arm Locks Omoplata Submissions

Omoplata From Side Control (Top)

Rafael Mendes Devastating Omoplata From Top Side Control. Rafael Mendes shows off his Omoplata from top side control. This video has heaps of great details. And the sequence starts from a very achievable position. So this submission is on offer pretty much anytime you have side control locked in. The small details like how to […]


The Omoplata From Closed Guard

Bernardo Faria’s Favorite Submission From Closed Guard. Bernardo Faria takes you through his prefered set up for the Omoplata from closed guard. Break your opponents posture and then take an overhook. Open your guard and turn on your side bringing your leg across their back. At this point you should have their shoulder sandwiched between […]

Chokes Gogoplata Submissions

The Gogoplata From Closed Guard

Gogoplata & Locoplata Variation from Guard. From a closed guard position use your grips and your legs to break your opponents posture, pulling them forward. Take a collar grip with one hand and an overhook with the other. From there you open your guard putting your far leg on your opponent’s hip and your other […]

Americana Arm Locks Submissions

Americana (Ude Garami)

Knight Jiu Jitsu have an Americana for every situation. Americanas from mount, from side control, from North South. Americanas with one arm Americanas with no arms (hint you use your legs). Honestly after watching this video I’m scared to bend my arm at all when rolling. This dude could lock in an Americana with his […]

Knee Shield Passes Passing

How to X Pass The Knee Shield

Beat That Pesky Knee Shield With An X Pass. Aaron teaches a simple but effective X Pass to beat either a high or low knee shield. The key details here are first flattening your opponent and getting your elbow inside the knee. Once that’s been achieved you can simply kick your leg back and hop […]

Arm Locks Armbars Hook Sweep Submissions Sweeps

3 Hook Sweep Variations

3 Variations on The Hook Sweep Including a Straight Armbar. Steve Campbell first explains how to do a classic hook sweep. If your opponent manages to post an arm stopping the sweep. Then Steve teaches how to transition smoothly into a straight armbar. Should your opponent be aware of the threat of the armbar and […]