Double Leg Single Leg Stand Up Takedowns

Arm Drag Techniques

5 Great Stand Up Techniques That Start From a Simple Arm Drag

Knight Jiu Jitsu start you off with some simple drills to get used to the basic motion of the arm drag.

  • Then it’s straight into an Arm Drag to Standing Rear Naked Choke. The choke uses a gable grip instead of the usual back choke grip. One excellent detail here is the hand on the lower back. It sounds romantic; but it’s just to keep them in place until you get into position to effect the choke.
  • Next up is an Arm Drag to Double Leg Takedown. This one’s pretty simple. Drag them in change level and then shoot.
  • Arm Drag to 2-on-1 Big Inside Trip. Here you pull them in, then turn extending your leg across in front, then kick back to reap the leg, and use the arm to pull them forward.
  • If the manage to avoid the trip and get their weight onto the other foot, reach down and Pick the Ankle
  • Seated arm drag to single leg. In spite of the name you both start this one on the feet, and your opponent ends up on the mat

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