Americana Arm Locks Submissions

Americana (Ude Garami)

Knight Jiu Jitsu have an Americana for every situation.

Americanas from mount, from side control, from North South. Americanas with one arm Americanas with no arms (hint you use your legs). Honestly after watching this video I’m scared to bend my arm at all when rolling. This dude could lock in an Americana with his toes if he had too.

He even has Americanas from side mount; when he is the one who’s mounted. Holy Shit he even has a No Hander Americana from under side mount. The first time I watched this I sounded like a freestyle motocross commentator yelling Oh My God a NO Hander a No Hander. The second time through I sounded like an angry black woman “Oh No he Didn’t”. Only he did.

He finishes with a standing Americana. Perfect for those times when you want to get a finish, but can’t be bothered taking your opponent down first.

Seriously I’m not sure why we don’t see the Standing Americana more in MMA. It seems like it should possible when wrestling up against the cage. Obviously it’s harder to lock it in with no Gi and a sweaty opponent. But still, it seems like it should be possible. I’d love to know if anyone’s seen it.



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