Free Jiu Jitsu Training Videos Online

Learning how to learn is absolutely one of the keys to success in life in general and Jiu Jitsu in particular.

John Danaher
Two Jiu Jitsu fighters training.


All greatness comes from an investment in time and the perfection of skills that render you great.

John Danaher

Arm Locks

Always assume that your opponent is going to be bigger, stronger and faster than you; so that you learn to rely on technique, timing and leverage rather than brute strength.

Helio Gracie

Leg Locks

I always want to be in the top position. Always. My entire game is built around sweeping my opponent and getting on top where I can use agility, positioning, and gravity to overwhelm my opponent’s defences.

Marcelo Garcia


There is no losing in Jiu Jitsu. You either win or you learn.

Carlos Gracie, Senior


I always try to attack. While I’m on the offensive, my opponent can think of nothing but defending.

Marcelo Garcia


At first repetition is what counts, I teach my students to repeat the moves to exhaustion, until it enters their subconscious and they therefore can apply them automatically, without thinking.

Carlos Gracie Junior


The rule is to train, train and train some more. Train until the lamb becomes the lion.

Paulo Miyao


My opponent is my teacher, my ego is my enemy.

Renzo Gracie

Stand Up

Andre Galvao Bas Rutten Bernardo Faria Brian Ortega Conor McGregor Dean Lister Demian Maia Eddie Bravo Edwin Najmi Firas Zahabi George St-Pierre Giancarlo Bodoni Gordon Ryan Gustavo Gasperin James Tomlinson Joe Rogan John Danaher Karel Pravec Keenan Cornelius Kris Kim Lachlan Giles Marcelo Garcia MMA Rafael Lovato Jr Rafael Mendes Rener Gracie Roger Gracie Romulo Barral Ryron Gracie UFC

Are you looking to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the comfort of your own home? That’s not really how it works unfortunately. You really need to drill correct techniques ideally under the supervision of someone who can make sure you are learning the correct technique and not just developing bad habits. You also need to roll with people. Different people, of all different shapes and sizes, people stronger than you, faster than you, people with more expertise than you, as well with people new to Jiu Jitsu. This allows you to see what works in different situations.

However if you’re going to regular BJJ classes and rolling on a regular basis, then learning Jiu Jitsu online from videos can enhance what you are learning in your training. Many of the the world’s best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches and competitors have produced fantastic videos available online for free. BJJ.TV collates the best of these videos for you to learn from.

Watching 2 or 3 different Jiu Jitsu experts teach the same technique will often give you different perspectives and details, so whether so are looking to strengthen your guard, or sharpen up your submissions you can really learn a lot of the finer details through online BJJ training videos.

BJJ.TV is the premiere resource for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the internet. Our mission is to provide users with the highest quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu content available online, all completely free and available 24/7. We feature real instruction from BJJ experts with full length videos, shorter instructional clips, and free downloadable PDFs breaking down fundamental techniques. We have free tools that you can use to track your own training and keep yourself motivated throughout your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey.